Strategies to Win the Toto

Updated: February 27, 2019

The Singapore Toto is a lottery of 6/49 that is formerly 6/45. This game has a number format that is increased for providing higher jackpots. Players can choose sex numbers that range from one to forty nine for playing the Toto lotto. Cost for each board is one dollar and the minimum bet is also an amount of one dollar. Drawings are usually held two times in a week. This lottery then draws all the six numbers of winning along with a bonus number that is additional. It can also increase the options of prizes. Odds for winning first jackpot prize are almost one more than thirteen million. Minimum prize for the jackpot is guaranteed being one million dollars. It accounts for more than thirty five percent of the pool prize. The three numbers can be matched for winning ten dollars besides the odds for winning any prize are around one in fifty four.

Playing probabilities

The numbers of the lottery can be drawn randomly but the numbers drawn randomly can be easily tracked and used as per your advantage. After having all your drawings carefully analyzed in past results of the Toto lotto worldwide, it was verified with a simple rule that is incredible in its own might. This implies that one that is the most possible shall happen most often and the one that is the least possible shall happen least often. Key to successful methods of number selection has to be playing probabilities. If a pattern is played occurring only five-percent of the times then loss pattern can be expected to be around ninety five percent. Thus, the probabilities must not be bucked.

Go with an even mix

When the lotto numbers are selected, try having an even mixture of even as well as odd numbers relatively. All the event and odd numbers are drawn rarely. They occur only 1 percent of time. Best mix for the Toto can be 3/3, 4/2 and 2/4. This means that four even and two odd as well as two even or three odd. Out of all the patterns mentioned, there is a probability that one of patterns can be found in more than eighty percent of drawings.

High-low number pattern for Lotto

The winning numbers are spread usually across the complete field of numbers. If the number field is taken and is cut in half, we have high half and low half. In a game of forty nine numbers, twenty four to one shall be in the lower half and forty nine to twenty five in the higher half. Best mix thus shall be 3/3, 4/2, 2/4. These groups of winning numbers can be found in three patterns occurring in most of the drawings.

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