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Updated: November 6, 2018

H3asia is one the leading and highly reputed gambling website which also provides Citibet Malaysia. This website is best known to give the services of the online betting games of sports. You will get all the types of sports on this betting website and with that, there are live scores so that you can bet and see which team is winning.

This Citibet website is being controlled by many Asian countries. Some of them are:

• China
• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Singapore
• Indonesia

Citibet Malaysia website is the live streaming website in which all the worldwide gamblers play and earn lots of money. If you are a horse racing betting lover then this website is best for you. This website mostly provides the game of Horse racing.

Objectives of the Citibet Malaysia

The followings are the objective of the Citibet Malaysia and they are:

• If you are the newcomer of this game and don’t know anything of how to bet in horse racing, then the website will give you the opportunity of creating a free website account of horse racing. The opportunity will be given to you for three days in which you can bet in the horse racing for free, and you can learn of how to play the game and which horse to bet. While playing the free betting in horse racing you can discover or experience each and everything relating to the horse race.

• The Secondary objective is that you can call the customer care number whenever you want. The lines will be available to you for 24×7.

Terms of services

1. Before betting in the Citibet Malaysia site you have to create an account and deposit some amount of money after that only you can play the game.

2. Your information will be securely saved. They will give you all the possible assurance that your information will not be given to the third party.

3. If in any case, you want to withdraw the money. You can easily do, and you will get the money.

4. Fourthly you can enjoy all the experience of the horse around the globe.

5. But one of the most important things to be noted is that this site is not meant for the below 18 age. If you are below 18 and you want to play the game it will create an illegal offence. Before playing the game you have to give the proof that you are above 18.

This website also had a mobile app which is eligible for the Android and IOS software.

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